Bonding & Recontouring in West Corona

Bonding and Recontouring are dental procedures used to treat chipped teeth and discoloration in order to restore the natural appearance of the smile.

At West Corona Dentistry, these dental procedures help patients fix minor flaws in their smile as well as strengthen weakened areas in teeth.

Dental Bonding

Similar to dental composite fillings, dental bonding is a same-day treatment that repairs the natural look of teeth by filling cracks and minor holes with a tooth-colored resin substance. This cosmetic dental procedure fixes irregularities in the teeth and makes the seal invisible – resulting in a beautiful and flawless smile. Dental bonding can also be used to fill gaps in teeth.


Ideal for reshaping teeth that have been damaged or look too long, dental recontouring helps patients achieve a uniform smile quickly. Typically completed in a single visit, this painless procedure can also improve your dental health by removing overlaps or crevices between teeth where food and bacteria become trapped. In many cases, recontouring is often used along with other cosmetic dental treatments such as bonding and veneers.

Do I Need Bonding or Recontouring?

Bonding and recontouring are optional cosmetic dental procedures that can be performed if a patient is unhappy with the look of their smile. The ideal candidates for these procedures are individuals with:

  • Irregular or uneven teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Sharp, long, or short canines

Speaking with your dentist about your goals will help determine which of these cosmetic dental treatment options is right for you.

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