Can Sugary Drinks Affect Your Smile?


Beverages with sugar are something that have become relatively accessible and even common for Americans and other cultures living around the world. From energy drinks to bottled teas and coffees, sodas, juices, and more, these drinks may taste good and even be refreshing. However, if they contain sugar, then they are only helping bacteria in our mouths to do more damage.

Bacteria feed off the energy that they get from food that goes into our mouths when we eat. This can damage our smiles in the short-term and the long-term as well. We all have bacteria inside our mouths that eat sugars that we eat. However, we do not all consume the same amount of sugar.

Bacteria get their energy from sugar but then produce acid that causes great damage to teeth and gums. Left unchecked, it can cause erosion, enamel damage, cavities, and more serious problems that can be costly and even difficult to fix.

Americans can often consume processed beverages that have high amounts of sugar or other similar sweeteners. Everything from bottled teas, coffee drinks, soda, juice, and more can all have not only sugar, but more of it than you might have been expecting. One glass of apple juice could make up the sugar requirement you have for the day– and even take it over!

Here’s a list of suggested tips info to maintain a healthy smile:

  • Get rid of sugar in your beverages. Swap them out for something healthier or with less sugar.
  • Drink your beverage quickly to avoid giving bacteria time to eat any sugar in it.
  • Opt to consume water as your main beverage of default.
  • Try not to buy individual bottles. Individual sodas or juices are easy to buy but the trade-off for that convenience is your health!
  • Drink milk to boost the health of your teeth with calcium!
  • Consume beverages with a straw if you cannot avoid sugar in the beverage or want to drink it.
  • Drink water frequently to wash away any extra food and give your body the extra hydration to process toxins.
  • Use fluoride. Fluoride can be in the community water or in toothpaste. Either way, it can improve dental health.
  • Pursue oral care. Brush your teeth twice each day and make sure that you are using dental floss once daily.
  • Go to the dentist once a year to maintain good oral health.
  • Drink as few beverages with high sugar content as possible. This will keep the bacteria from being able to feed on it and create damage.

Taking care of your oral and dental health is a good idea. You will never regret investing in your health. Set some of your own goals now for you or your family to adapt. Maybe you could improve in reducing sugar intake or in brushing more thoroughly and twice a day. Start good habits and they can keep going for a lifetime. Cut back on sugar, take care of your teeth, and don’t forget to make that appointment with your dentist!

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