Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options at West Corona Dentistry

Are you considering seeing a cosmetic dentist or researching the different types of cosmetic treatments out there? Investing in cosmetic work to improve or restore the look and function of your smile is always going to be a wise financial investment.

Today, this field of dentistry is able to offer more options to the average individual that are the most sophisticated and practical that they have ever been. West Corona Dentistry is able to offer a variety of options to help you improve your smile.

You may be wanting to improve on something specific or you may be interested in simply finding out what’s out there and what’s available. From whitening to shaping and more, today we’re going over a few cosmetic procedures that are widely chosen and available at the dentist’s office.

Teeth Whitening
Getting teeth to be white can be difficult, particularly if your smile is slowly growing an off yellow from time, coffee or tea consumption, or smoking. You can even be doing everything right and everything that you’re supposed to and still not be pleased with the tone of your smile. Restore your smile with teeth whitening and see the difference!

Porcelain Veneers
These cosmetic fixes are usually designed to fix teeth that are misshapen or chipped. They may also be utilized in cases where the teeth have been affected by fillings or other things (antibiotics, etc)., and even correct or help fix teeth that are not extreme enough to merit orthodontic treatment.

Shaping and Bonding
Advanced dental resin can help the structure of existing teeth by adding or reshaping them. This may be a good cosmetic decision for you if you only require minor changes that may be too small to necessitate getting veneers.

Fix your smile and do it in a way that is nearly invisible! A great option for adults, Invisalign is able to deliver you the orthodontic correction while being transparent and only takes about a year for the results.

Dental Bridges, Dentures, and Implants
These restorative procedures are cosmetic and improve a smile’s appearance, but are also functional as well. Implants are frequently selected to replace a tooth that is missing, but for multiple missing teeth, bridges or dentures may be more practical cosmetic options.

Porcelain Crowns
This cosmetic work restores teeth that are damaged. They cover up problems like cracks or chips to give an appearance that is natural and can restore your smile in a major way.

If you’re not certain which treatment is best for you, consult with a qualified dentist at West Corona Dentistry to find out more! Whether you benefit from one treatment or multiple and aren’t sure which may be the perfect option or what might help your smile, make an appointment by getting in touch with one of the pleasant and qualified staff members and seeing what times they have open for you.

Expertise in cosmetic procedures can be found at West Corona! Discuss what’s going on with your smile and what you would like to do about it, creating a customized treatment plan designed to help restore a beautiful smile. Call now or stop in at your office to find out more.

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