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Due to their affordable cost and natural look, dentures are one of the most popular restoration options for patients with missing teeth. At West Corona Dentistry, our experienced dentists have restored many patients’ smiles with partial or full dentures. Learn about the difference between these treatments and decide if dentures are right for you.

Partial vs. Full Dentures

Our dental office in West Corona offers both partial and full dentures to meet your specific needs. Full dentures are for patients who have lost all of their teeth and need a complete restoration, while partial dentures are for patients who still have some of their teeth. Depending on your personal situation, either one of these treatments can strengthen your smile and improve your oral health.

Immediate Dentures

If our dentist determines that you’re in need of a full denture, you’ll have the option to choose between immediate or conventional dentures. Conventional dentures are placed 4-6 weeks after your teeth are removed, allowing your gum tissue to fully heal. This means you’ll have to function without teeth for the duration of this period.

For dental patients in West Corona who don’t have the flexibility to wait that long, immediate dentures are also an option. These are made in advance so they can be placed right after your teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures offer the benefit of instant satisfaction, saving you time and the discomfort of being toothless.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures offer many benefits beyond replacing your teeth. With dentures, you’ll greatly improve your chewing and speaking abilities in addition to enjoying your restored smile. They’re also highly affordable, especially compared to other dental restoration options.

Though they’re not permanent, dentures are durable and will last for several years with proper care. You may require additional visits so our dentists can make adjustments to counteract the effects of natural wear over time. You will also need to clean and store your dentures in a safe, moist environment to maintain their strength and shape.

Visit West Corona Dentistry

If you think dentures might be the right option for you, contact our office in West Corona, CA and schedule a consultation with one of our dentists. He’ll listen to your smile goals and develop a treatment plan that fits your needs. By the time he’s finished, you’ll leave our office feeling confident in your new smile. So why wait? Improve your health and happiness with dentures today.

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