Professional Teeth Whitening in West Corona!

Has your smile lost its sheen? Have a few stained teeth taken a toll on your entire look? Luckily, we have the ultimate solution for you. Teeth whitening treatments from West Corona Dentistry can whiten your teeth by multiple shades in a very short period of time. Discover the 2 methods that we use to whiten your teeth and consider which of them is ideal for your smile.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The main goal of teeth whitening is to whiten the outer layer of your teeth, the enamel, and improve the look of your smile. Although teeth whitening can dramatically improve your appearance, the bleaching effect isn’t permanent. However, a whitening treatment can make a massive difference, especially before special occasions and events.

2 Whitening Options: At Home or In-Office

At West Corona Dentistry, you can choose to whiten your teeth via an in-office procedure or with a take-home tray, and both methods come with their own advantages. Dental patients who want to complete the whitening treatment in as little time as possible will love the convenience of our in-office whitening procedure. Those who prefer to whiten their teeth on their own time may appreciate our highly effective take-home trays. Let our West Corona dental team know which option is most appealing to you.

When Are the Best Times for a Whitening Treatment?

Since our teeth-whitening treatments dramatically brighten your smile and everyone around you will notice, many patients choose to undergo these procedures before major life events. Here are some of the most popular times when a teeth whitening may benefit you most:

  • To prepare for a wedding or family reunion
  • Before a major presentation or speech at work
  • Prior to a big date when you want to look your best
  • In order to look your best before going on vacation

There are many occasions when whitening your teeth and looking your best are of peak importance. Talk to one of our experienced dentists in West Corona to find out if teeth whitening is right for you.

Ready to Whiten Your Teeth for the Bright Smile You Deserve?

Whether it’s due to coffee consumption or heavy wine, fluorosis, or some other reason, stains can develop on the outer layers of your teeth. While many products are available over the counter, nothing compares to a whitening procedure with West Corona Dentistry. If you’re curious about how our whitening treatments can improve your smile, don’t hesitate to contact us and set up a consultation today. We look forward to meeting you at our office in Corona, CA!


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